What Happens to HealthCare After Obama

Now that President-elect Donald Trump is preparing to take the stand, many citizens across the country are asking: what will happen to the Obama Care once President Obama’s term is up? Will I still have insurance? Or will I finally be able to get the medication I need and visit the doctor for issues that were difficult to cover?

With Trump’s win in the November 8 election, this means that Obama Care may be replaced with Trump Care. According to Donald Trump, his proposal during the campaign has signaled that “nobody should be required to buy health insurance unless they want to.”

Here are a few things to expect when President Trump takes over Obama Care

How the Affordable Care Art will Affect Children and Young Adults

Children and Young Adults will be allowed to stay on their parent’s plan until the age of twenty-six as well as be offered low-cost health insurance. Most cases with limited incomes will be exempted from the fee or will be qualified for low-cost coverage. All healthcare coverage will cover medical-related issues such as mental health, contraception, prescription drugs, maternity, STI screenings and newborn care. Trump stated that he would keep this provision stable.

Penalties for NOT having Coverage

According to Trump the fee for not having coverage will be eliminated as the individual mandate is one of the main issues people disagree about the Affordable Care Act.

Taxpayers may be allowed to deduct health insurance premium costs

According to Trump, he states he will allow taxpayers to reduce the premium costs of health insurance on their tax returns. It is very likely that the cost assistance will be repealed during his term. However, there may be another tax in health care credit shortly as past GOP plans have included one.

Lawmakers must protect the healthcare system, especially when it comes to the affordable options they offer consumers to access quality and timely care.

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